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Accommodation Žiar nad Hronom

Acommodation Žiar nad Hronom offers 5 objects

Boarding house Kremnické vrchy
Capacity 15 beds
Price now from 13.50€ person/night Contact Reserve
Touristic house (hostel) Kremnické vrchy
In our hostel you pay only for the occupied bed, regardless of how many people stay in the present ...
Price now from 10.00€ person/night Contact Discounts up to 5% Reserve
Boarding house Kremnické vrchy
lodging Vyhne
Capacity 20 beds
You will be accommodated in the newly built guest-house with beautiful views of the surrounding ...
Price now from 37.00€ room/night Contact Reserve
Hotel Kremnické vrchy
Hotel Luna, the only hotel in the city of Ziar Hronom, located in the middle and Kremnica ...