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Accommodation , Oravice

Acommodation Oravice offers 5 objects

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lodging Tvrdošín
Capacity 26 beds
BONUS for staying guests: swimming in the Meander Thermal Park after 2 p.m. for ...
lodging Oravice
Capacity 16 beds
Our cottage is situated in the centre of village Oravice, directly above the parking in Meander ...
lodging Oravice
Capacity 12 beds
Cottage is situated near the centre of the recreation area Oravice in picturesque surroundings of ...
Boarding house
lodging Vitanová
Capacity 62 beds
When you visit this region, we would like to draw your attention to the services that we hesitate ...
Private accommodation
lodging Vitanová
Capacity 21 beds
Accommodation in Domček 32 is especially suitable for families and young couples. Accommodation is ...