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Accommodation , Rimavská Sobota (Okres)

Acommodation Rimavská Sobota (Okres) offers 9 objects

Capacity 6 beds
Price now from 13.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Touristic house (hostel)
Capacity 50 beds
Turistická ubytovňa sa nachádza len 800 m od centra mesta Rimavská Sobota v ...
Price now from 12.50€ person/night Contact Reserve
Boarding house Muránska planina
lodging Tornaľa
Capacity 26 beds
Guest-house Zeleny dom in Tornala is located in the city centre. Facilities: rooms with shower and ...
Price now from 17.00€ person/night Contact
Boarding house
Capacity 13 beds
Burgher's house is located in the center of Rimavska Sobota, with its own parking. We offer ...
lodging Teplý Vrch
ORMET - Warm Hill Recreation facility offers year-round visits for school trips, school, trainings ...
Capacity 31 beds
Accommodation Rimavská Saturday - Hotel Carrera. Stay at the newly opened Hotel Carrera in ...
lodging Číž
Capacity 44 beds
Spa Ciz owes its origin to the discovery of iodine-bromide salt water with significant ...
Capacity 140 beds
Euromotel is on track for first class on the outskirts of E50 Rimavska Saturday which lies to the ...
Capacity 69 beds
The entrance hall of the hotel provides a space for relaxation and meetings. In the gift shop you ...