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Accommodation , Topoľčany

Acommodation Topoľčany offers 4 objectss

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Boarding house Ponitrie
lodging Bojná
Capacity 108 beds
Ranč pod Babicou is located in Bojná at the foot of Považský Inovec, 10 km from ...
Price now from 12.50€ person/night Contact Reserve
Boarding house Ponitrie
lodging Prašice
Capacity 85 beds
Guest-house Slniecko is located in the recreation area Duchonka, which lies 17 km from the town ...
Hotel Ponitrie
lodging Topoľčany
Capacity 28 beds
Rooms are equipped with bathroom with shower or bathtub, safe, minibar, TV, internet access, air ...
Boarding house Ponitrie
lodging Ludanice
Capacity 12 beds
The family-type guest house is located in the newly built part of the pizzeria in the center of ...