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Accommodation , Tvrdošín

Acommodation Tvrdošín offers 6 objects

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lodging Tvrdošín
Capacity 26 beds
BONUS for staying guests: swimming in the Meander Thermal Park after 2 p.m. for ...
Boarding house
lodging Trstená
Capacity 22 beds
Penzión Ústie provides accommodation in double rooms or apartments. Part of the ...
Boarding house
lodging Tvrdošín
Capacity 34 beds
Pension Fortuna is situated in the picturesque town of Tvrdosin located in the Orava region, which ...
Boarding house
lodging Námestovo
Capacity 41 beds
The location of Penzión Kormorán is advantageous not only for summer recreation, but ...
lodging Vitanová
Capacity 7 beds
Cottage Modry dom is in the village 5km away from Aqua-park Vitanova and thermal-park Oravice on ...
Capacity 10 beds
Cottage is situated in the picturesque village of Mountains Rohace - Habovka. Rohace are rightfully ...