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Accommodation , Vyšná Boca

Acommodation Vyšná Boca offers 4 objectss

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Boarding house Nízke Tatry
lodging Nižná Boca
Capacity 24 beds
Pension Stará Škola is located in the picturesque old mining village of Nižná ...
Price now from 25.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Cottage Nízke Tatry
lodging Čertovica
Capacity 35 beds
Mountain cottage TOTEM is located directly in the center Čertovica. The cottage situated above the ...
Hotel Nízke Tatry
lodging Vyšná Boca
Capacity 81 beds
Hotel*** Barbora Vysna Boca thanks to a convenient location in the picturesque surroundings of Low ...
Cottage Nízke Tatry
lodging Vyšná Boca
Capacity 20 beds
Guest-house Barborka** has benn open for you since 2000. Stylish accommodation in rustic furnished ...