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Accommodation , Poľana

Acommodation Poľana offers 7 objects

Boarding house Poľana
lodging Hriňová
Capacity 50 beds
Guest-house Anka - your oasis of relaxation. We offer quality accommodation in the centre of town ...
Boarding house Poľana
lodging Detva
Capacity 36 beds
Bed and Breakfast offers a relaxing wellness within - sauna, jacuzzi and relax in a comfortable ...
Mountain hotel Poľana
lodging Hriňová
White waters resort offers accommodation in hotels and tourist part. Hotel accommodation is offered ...
Boarding house Poľana
lodging Korytárky
Capacity 16 beds
Guest house Victoria is located in the beautiful village Korytarky which extends right below ...
Cottage Poľana
lodging Detva
Cottage Pod Smrekom is a new, fully equipped cottage, situated in the beautiful forest environment ...
Hotel Poľana
lodging Vígľaš
Capacity 120 beds
The castle hotel The Grand Vígľaš is a place, where are combined history with the ...