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Accommodation Agroturistics, in Slovakia

Acommodation in Slovakia offers 23 objects

Boarding house Ponitrie
lodging Bojná
Capacity 108 beds
Price now from 14.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Cottage Nízke Tatry
Capacity 56 beds
Price now from 55.00€ object/night Contact Reserve
lodging Novoť
Capacity 12 beds
Price now from 90.00€ object/night Contact Reserve
Boarding house Javorníky
lodging Čičmany
Capacity 35 beds
Welcome to our beautiful part of Slovakia - magical village Cicmany. We invite you to come and rest ...
Price now from 24.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Boarding house Javorníky
lodging Strečno
Capacity 12 beds
The property has an excellent location. Located on the access road to the village for pedestrians ...
Price now from 19.40€ person/night Contact Reserve
Touristic house (hostel)
lodging Komárno
Capacity 12 beds
Price now from 10.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Apartment Nízke Tatry
lodging Donovaly
Capacity 39 beds
Apartment houses Villa GARDENIA are situated in a quiet part of Donovaly. Thanks to the modern ...
Price now from 65.00€ apartman/night Contact Reserve
Cottage Pieniny
Capacity 18 beds
Tomko´s Cottage is your chance to experience life in a pleasant and beautiful space of ...
Price now from 7.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Boarding house
lodging Starý Tekov
Capacity 15 beds
Stylishly furnished guest house, situated in the area pheasant farm on the outskirts of Stary ...
Price now from 13.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Private accommodation Štiavnické vrchy
Capacity 20 beds
Price now from 16.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Touristic house (hostel) Ponitrie
Capacity 46 beds
Price now from 22.00€ room/night Contact
Boarding house Slovenský raj
lodging Hrabušice
Capacity 45 beds
Ranch Podlesok is a newly opened accommodation and catering facilities in the recreation area ...
Boarding house
lodging Medzev
Accommodation and restaurant in a quiet valley on a pond in the woods alone. The ranch covers the ...
Boarding house Slovenský kras
lodging Stratená
Capacity 28 beds
Why spend the summer at grandmother and grandfather? There already know. Come to us within the ...
Boarding house Slovenský raj
lodging Hrabušice
Capacity 18 beds
Guest Ranch is located on the Trapero beautiful place in the National Park - the gateway to the ...
Boarding house
lodging Nový Tekov
Capacity 75 beds
Ranch at the New Bobiho Tekov was in 2000. It offers possibilities of active leisure activities for ...
Boarding house
Capacity 55 beds
Saris Park - traditional centre of recreation, relaxation and folk crafts is a unique facility in ...
lodging Púchov
Capacity 147 beds
ALEXANDRA HOTEL**** is the best choice for you, if you are looking for high comfort, quality relax, ...
Boarding house Štúrovo (Región)
Capacity 22 beds
On the main road between Galanta and Dunajska Streda near Klatovske rameno along the picturesque ...
Boarding house
lodging Sklené
Capacity 29 beds
lodging Námestovo
Capacity 60 beds
Ranch U Edyho in Námestovo near Orava Dam offers the possibility of active leisure ...
lodging Púchov
Capacity 102 beds
ALEXANDRA SPORT HOTEL**** is the right place not only for sportsmen, but also for gurmets and relax ...