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Hotel Nízke Tatry
Capacity 185 beds
Hotel*** SOREA MÁJ is ideal for families with children, seniors and even joung people. ...
Boarding house Vysoké Tatry (Región)
Capacity 17 beds
Welcome to our family guest-house Molcany with a long tradition located in the heart of High ...
Price now from 14.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Hotel Nízke Tatry
Capacity 246 beds
Hotel SOREA SNP is located at the emost visited site in the Low Tatras, in Demänovská ...
Apartment Ponitrie
lodging Bojnice
Capacity 35 beds
Have you ever spent at least a few days in sight of a castle where legends, stories and fairy tales ...
Price now from 13.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Hotel Nízke Tatry
Capacity 58 beds
Hotel Koliba Gréta is located in the beautiful scenery of the Western Tatras right on the ...
Hotel Pieniny
Capacity 566 beds
Hotel SOREA Lubovna lies in a picturesque valley of Lubovnianske spa. In-between Levocske hills ...
Hotel Vysoké Tatry (Región)
Capacity 182 beds
Hotel SOREA TRIGAN is due to the modernization and reconstruction from 01/05/2011 closed. We will ...
Hotel Vysoké Tatry (Región)
Capacity 217 beds
Hotel SOREA URAN is located in Tatranska Lomnica a known socio-cultural center of High Tatras. ...
Hotel Vysoké Tatry (Región)
lodging Kežmarok
Capacity 74 beds
Our hotel offers an immediate relaxation and good service. Feel at home in the cosy rooms and ...
Hotel Malá Fatra
Capacity 94 beds
Unforgettable experiences in the Malá Fatra mountains. Village Resort Hanuliak is a unique ...
Hotel Vysoké Tatry (Región)
Capacity 172 beds
Hotel*** SOREA TITRIS is situated in a quiet area near the centre of Tatranska Lomnica, one of the ...
Hotel Štúrovo (Región)
lodging Štúrovo
Capacity 148 beds
Hotel Thermal*** is located in the thermal spa complex in Sturovo - Vadas. The hotel capacity is a ...
lodging Patince
Capacity 206 beds
Most people desire relax and peace because of their busy and stressful lifestyle. Wellness hotel ...
lodging Bratislava
Capacity 137 beds
The hotel is located in the capital of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava. It is situated in the ...
Hotel Zemplínska šírava
lodging Kaluža
Capacity 51 beds
Price now from 55.00€ room/night Contact Reserve
Capacity 4 beds
Somewhere up there, among the forests and mountains that rise up to the sky, peace just seems to be ...
Price now from 175.00€ apartman/night Contact Reserve
lodging Zuberec
Capacity 19 beds
Villa Zuberec in the heart of the village of the same name in the Western Tatras is an ideal place ...
Price now from 15.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Boarding house Ponitrie
lodging Bojná
Capacity 108 beds
Ranč pod Babicou is located in Bojná at the foot of Považský Inovec, 10 km from ...
Price now from 12.50€ person/night Contact Reserve
lodging Piešťany
Capacity 12 beds
Apartments Centro offer year-round accommodation in a quiet location, less than 700 meters from the ...
Price now from 20.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Recreation house Nízke Tatry
lodging Pohorelá
Capacity 16 beds
Chalupa Bialikova usadlosť is a country house with a large fenced plot of land with a stream and ...
Price now from 50.00€ room/night Contact Reserve
Boarding house Vysoké Tatry (Región)
Capacity 28 beds
We offer you the possibility of spending an unforgettable holiday in the guest house Snezienka in ...
Price now from 25.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Boarding house Ponitrie
lodging Bojnice
Capacity 15 beds
Family guest house is located in the centre and the historic spa town in the beautiful avenue of ...
Price now from 18.33€ person/night Contact Reserve
Touristic house (hostel)
Capacity 80 beds
The hostel is located on the outskirts of Suchá nad Parnou, only 4 km from Trnava and is ...
Price now from 6.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Apartment Nízke Tatry
Capacity 2 beds
In the village of Liptovská Kokava, with a view directly to the majestic Kriváň, ...
Price now from 15.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Hotel Nízke Tatry
Capacity 234 beds
Hotel Dixon**** is a newly built hotel surrounded by greenery and woodland, located in a quiet area ...
Touristic house (hostel)
lodging Rovinka
Capacity 46 beds
Price now from 6.80€ person/night Contact Reserve
Wooden house Pieniny
Capacity 11 beds
In Drevenica Šambron you will enjoy perfect relaxation and well-being. We offer ...
lodging Dudince
Capacity 130 beds
Hotel Flora is situated in the outskirts of the spa zone Dudince, near the newly opened Aqua Park ...
Boarding house Malá Fatra
lodging Zázrivá
Capacity 66 beds
If you want to meet, explore, experience and have fun, you are on the right place. There are three ...
Boarding house
lodging Nový Tekov
Capacity 58 beds
The recreational area with a guesthouse, restaurant and sports shooting range Horáreň ...
Private accommodation Veľká Fatra
lodging Ružomberok
Capacity 6 beds
We offer accommodation in a quiet quiet area of Ružomberok in Biely Potok. You can stay in a ...
Price now from 70.00€ object/night Contact Reserve
Touristic house (hostel)
lodging Košice
Capacity 205 beds
CITY BUILDING has the accommodation for you. You can choose from 49 double bedrooms and 2 triple ...
Price now from 5.70€ person/night Contact Reserve
Cottage Nízke Tatry
lodging Ižipovce
Capacity 14 beds
Cottage Chata U divokej včely offers comfortable accommodation with quality modern equipment and ...
Price now from 12.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Hotel Štúrovo (Región)
Capacity 56 beds
Elenka and air-conditioned 3-star hotel offers accommodation in Velky Meder. It is situated 80m ...
Apartment Nízke Tatry
Capacity 20 beds
Apartment house Skalka is located in a pleasant environment of the picturesque mountain village ...
Price now from 18.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Touristic house (hostel)
lodging Šaľa
Capacity 42 beds
Hostel Poplar is located in a quiet environment, near the pedestrian zone, within walking distance ...
Price now from 7.70€ person/night Contact Reserve
lodging Bratislava
Capacity 84 beds
We are small business hotel with a family atmosphere. Located close to the Bajkalská street in ...
Hotel Vysoké Tatry (Región)
Capacity 252 beds
The hotel is located in the beautiful and quiet Tatranské Matliare, at the foot of the ...
Boarding house Nízke Tatry
Capacity 41 beds
The priority of our architects when building and furnishing each room was nature and cosiness. That ...
Cottage Nízke Tatry
lodging Turecká
Capacity 19 beds
Ubytovanie U Maka is located in a family house in the beautiful surroundings of the mountain ...
Price now from 8.50€ person/night Contact Reserve
Boarding house Nízke Tatry
lodging Polomka
Capacity 20 beds
Pension Bučník is located directly at the foot of the ski slope Polomka Bučník. We ...
Price now from 10.50€ person/night Contact Reserve
Cottage Nízke Tatry
Capacity 8 beds
Chalets VIVA Jasná offer year-round comfortable accommodation in two stylish apartments, ...
Price now from 140.00€ apartman/night Contact Reserve
Boarding house Ponitrie
lodging Bojnice
Capacity 30 beds
Pension Zefir **** is located in a quiet residential area of Bojnice, 600 meters from the center ...
Apartment Ponitrie
lodging Nitra
Capacity 14 beds
We built accommodation Zobor on the need to offer really good quality accommodation in Nitra. Our ...
Price now from 18.33€ person/night Contact Reserve
Boarding house Slovenský raj
lodging Mlynky
Capacity 35 beds
The property with its location and climate are ideal for holiday and relaxation throughout the ...
Hotel Javorníky
lodging Žilina
Capacity 68 beds
Luxury hotel in Žilina city offers superior accommodation in rooms and suites, restaurant and ...
Touristic house (hostel)
Capacity 100 beds
We would like to welcome you to hostel EURO 2000, s.r.o. We offer accommodation in 2, 3 and 4 ...
Price now from 7.50€ person/night Contact Reserve
Boarding house Slovenský raj
Capacity 24 beds
We invite you to one of the most beautiful regions of Slovakia, Spiš. Location of Pension ...
Price now from 16.00€ person/night Contact Reserve
Cottage Vysoké Tatry (Región)
Capacity 10 beds
Mountain cottage Tatranská Štrba - Lieskovec offers year-round pleasant accommodation ...
Price now from 550.00€ object/night Contact Reserve